My experience participating in EMI course

My experience participating in EMI course

This semester I have had a remarkable experience participating in EMI course (English as Medium Instruction) at ITMO University. The program of the course was very intensive and useful. It formed a new outlook on the objectives and means of education process in University. It gave instructions how to make the process of learning interactive and more interesting for students. For this purpose the participants of the course got acquainted with students’ oriented methods of teaching and learning. We discussed strong and weak sides of various strategies and styles of teaching and learning in class and on-line, and exchanged our teaching experience.

Practically every week we had two classes with our wonderful and very professional instructors Marica Soltys and Mauro Corallo. Their assistance brought a ready response on our statements in the process of our communication and learning. They supported us with new methods of students’ oriented teaching, such as getting assessment, making rubrics, planning lessons, providing seminars or delivering lectures in interactive form, getting feedback of students. During the course each participant should prepare various presentations and discussion of topics according the schedule, based on the material of the course. The atmosphere of the classes was very friendly. We often practiced discussion in small groups, changing our partnership. It was a very useful way of learning, through which we exchanged our experience in teaching various disciplines, based on EMI.  

The course is supplied with a good collection of methodological materials: audio and films, as well as articles and published instructions, used by teachers-supporters of EMI courses in European and American Universities, and in educational institutions of some other countries.

Due to EMI course I have had a very helpful practice in mastering techniques of teaching in English, as it formed a new vision on the effective ways of teaching. I recommend the colleagues, who are going to teach in English, to become the participants of EMI course at ITMO University.


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