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Mironova Daria Yuryevna
associate professor
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    +7 (812) 4571802
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    Russia, 191002, St. Petersburg, ul. Lomonosova, 9, lit. M, 1206/2 (усл); Russia, 191187, St. Petersburg, ul. Chaykovskogo, 11/2, lit. A, 408; Russia, 191187, St. Petersburg, ul. Chaykovskogo, 11/2, lit. A, 413


More than 8 years of experience in the management and development of relations between the scientific and business community. Expert in the field of technology transfer. Team management up to 15 people. Successful projects development from scratch.



01/2018  present














12/2012  present

ITMO University, Vice Head of School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems on Marketing and Commercialization

          Initiation, launch and coordination of research, educational and innovation projects.

          Attraction of financing for projects from international and Russian state and private funds and programs, as well as from industrial partners.

          Search and attraction of leading scientific personnel (from Russia and the world) for the formation of promising project teams.


Key achievements:

          For the year of operation, more than 20 projects were formed, applications for 0.5 billion rubles were filed.

          More than a dozen world-renowned scientists were attracted (incl. scientist with SCOPUS H-index = 97).

          A project of regional importance is being supervised by the authorities (the committee on the agro-industrial complex), industrial partners and universities.


ITMO University, Head of Marketing Research in Science and Education Department

          Leadership of marketing research in science-intensive areas.  

          Promotion of the University and its R&D in a business environment: marketing materials development, organization of events and participation in specialized exhibitions, development and support of the university's website in sphere of R&D (http://research.ifmo.ru/en/).

          Search and attraction of partners for research projects and joint developments.

          Conducting negotiations at the level of Russian and international companies top management.


Key achievements:

          More than 300 marketing materials have been issued for the development of scientific units that have attracted more than 150 partners (with the subsequent conclusion of contacts).

          A new concept was developed and the first joint Industry-University Center for science and education with Dell EMC (EMC Corporation until 2016) was launched.

          The project "Festival of  ITMO University Scientific Laboratories" was initiated and launched, more than 100 companies were involved (it was recognized as effective and became annual).

          A grant from the British Council was won. The joint project with Heriot-Watt University (Scotland) was recognized by the expert council as one of the best for the entire period of research grants implementation.


05/2014 –  03/2019

Demola SPb Ltd, cofounder, CEO

         Launching the work of the international project Demola (demola.net) on a franchise basis (branch opening) with approbation of the Demola concept in St. Petersburg; the development of a new more effective model of work between companies, students, graduate students, universities.

         Initiation and launch of a new brand Solution Lab (solutionlab.cf) - a social project aimed at creating prototypes of new products by students and graduate students on the order of Russian and international enterprises in a short time (3 months).

         Defining the development strategy, building relationships with customers and partners.

         Planning and budgeting, control of the financial condition of the company.


Key achievements:

         The Russian division of the company on a franchise basis was built from scratch.

         A new brand Solution Lab has been launched, which increased the company's revenue by more than 60% compared to the Demola SPb project.

         More than 700 students and graduate students are invited to participate in the case studies of companies.

         More than 30 partners, including Megafon, Dell EMC, Bosch, Oracle, Rostelecom, Bee Pitron, Samsung, Geoscane, Baltika, etc., have been attracted as customers.


09/2014 –  present

ITMO University,  Associate Professor,  Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations

• Lecturer. Courses: "Modern trends in the development of science and technology and innovation marketing", "Technology brokerage and technology transfer", "Economics and innovation management at enterprise".

 More than 20 articles are published, 8 teaching aids are developed.


11/2010 – 12/2012


ITMO University, Head of Marketing Department, Marketing specialist

• Marketing plans for a dozen projects have been developed, new projects were launched such as "M2IES Business Network", a series of contests for research projects "The Big Bang", a student Marketing Club.





02/2010 – 06/2010


"St. Petersburg Organization of Business Angels", Innovation projects expert

Selection of business plans for innovative projects was carried out, expertise of strategies and technologies was carried out, and negotiations were conducted with investors and project developers.




09/2011 – 06/2013


ITMO University, Faculty of Humanities. PhD in Economics.


09/2005 – 06/2010


St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics. Specialist.  Diploma with honors.



         English at Advanced level.

         Numerous trainings and internships on the topics of innovation management and technology transfer (including the University of Harriott-Watt in the UK, the University of Twente in the Netherlands, the University of California in the USA, the Association of Innovative Technology Managers in the United States, etc.).

         Advanced PC user, office suites MS Office, ABBYY, information databases "Integrum", "LexisNexis", "Ebsco", SAP and others.


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