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Murashova Svetlana Vitalevna
associate professor (qualification "full associate professor")
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    Russia, 192019, St. Petersburg, Khrustalnaya ul., 14, lit. A, 2.24; Russia, 192019, St. Petersburg, Khrustalnaya ul., 14, lit. A, 2.43; Russia, 192019, St. Petersburg, Khrustalnaya ul., 14, lit. A, 2.45; ул.Гастелло, д.12, лит.А, 411
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Academic title: Associate Professor
Scientific degree: candidate of economic sciences
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Financial Strategy, Faculty "IMBIP"
Deputy scientific director of the scientific school "Modernization of the innovation environment for the effective development of the Russian economy"
Deputy scientific director of the basic Center for Support of Technologies and Innovations of Rospatent
Member of the permanent scientific section "Intellectual Property and Innovation" of the House of Scientists named after M.Gorky of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Creative director of the international children's competition "School patent - a step into the future!"
Phone: +7 (812) 371-81-16
Email: imbip@mail.ru, fpp5@list.ru
One of the leading specialists in the field of financial management, virtual trading, financial valuation of assets, intellectual property and training in international business, accounting, auditing and intellectual property management.
 In 1989 she graduated from the Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute.
she worked: as Deputy Chief Auditor of the city of Slonim; an economist of Leninets; a financial director of company SportService;  currently combines teaching activities with the position of financial analyst at Stroitechcenter and is a financial adviser to a number of other organizations, including international ones. Since 2016 - a scientific consultant on the patent and licensing work of one of the largest defense industry enterprises.

From 1991 to 2009 she worked as a teacher of the Department of Finance, Money Circulation and Credit, St. Petersburg Trade and Economic Institute, since 2001, was combining  the position with the responsible secretary of the admission committee of SPbTEI.

 Since 2001 - leading lecturer in finance and financial management in training courses for professional auditors, in 2006-2009. On the courses for the preparation of professional accountants and on the Presidential program for training managerial personnel at the St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics. Since 2010 - Head of the Department of Magistracy of the Institute of International Business and Law of the University ITMO.
  In 2013, she was one of the developers of a new model for the training of personnel to the Ministry of Defense and the defense-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, for which she was awarded the Medal of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes 2015". Order of "Grand Arhimedas" in 2017, also has gratitude of  the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Thanks to the active assistance of the Institute of International Business and Law as a supporting organization of ROSPATENT, ITMO University in 2014 was awarded the highest award of the World Intellectual Property Organization for Innovative Enterprises (WIPO Trophy for Innovative Enterprises) in recognition of the University's contribution to the development of innovative and technical creativity and facilitation Development and protection of intellectual property of the world.

 The author of more than 90 scientific and methodical works, including 4 monographs.

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